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Liberty Bell Telecom - Denver Small Business Phone Services

Nigel Alexander and Shawn Stickle founded Multi-Link Telecom in 1995. Christina Neher joined us in 1999. Tom Martino and Jay Weber started Liberty Bell in 2003 as a full service phone company. Multi-Link and Liberty-Bell merged in 2006 and adopted the Liberty Bell name in 2008. In September 2008 we acquired Boulder based C-COM and welcomed another 2,000 customers to Liberty-Bell. We are privately owned and operated, with no pressure from Wall Street. This means that you - our customers - are the only people we have to make happy. This allows us to make sound, long-term, decisions that are not affected by short term profit targets. One Stop Shop for ALL small business telecom and computing needs including Broadband Internet Access, Phone Lines, Computing Services and Internet growth consulting. Serving the Front Range from Colorado Springs to Ft. Collins. Over 4,000 small business customers and 10,000 Residential customers. 50 dedicated employees, many with over 10 years service. All customer service representatives and technicians in Denver. Our service offerings and performance guarantees are unique.

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